IoPhic® alarms utilizing state-of-the-art Universal Sensing Technology® virtually eliminate nuisance alarms caused by every day cooking smoke or steamy showers. According to the National Fire Protection Association, nuisance alarms are the leading cause for intentionally disabled smoke alarms. About two-thirds of fire deaths occur in homes without a functioning smoke alarm. Working smoke alarms are a key factor in surviving a fire. “We believe this technology will keep more smoke alarms in place, performing their life-saving job” according to Ron Lazarus, President of Universal’s USI Electric division.

IoPhic® alarms protect against both fast flaming and slow smoldering fires with a single sensor—making it more affordable than most competitor’s dual sensor alarms and more affordable than stand-alone photoelectric alarms.

IoPhic® alarms respond up to 87% faster to slow smoldering fires than conventional smoke alarms, providing additional time to escape safely.

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